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Samsung Galaxy S20 deals are now available - this is where to pre-order

We're going to take a wild assumption and say you watched the press conference, or have at least caught up on the details of the Samsung Galaxy S20. In which case, you already know all the massive tech Samsung has crammed in here and now, you just want to know where you can buy it!

All three new devices - the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra - are now into the pre-order stage. While there are a number of different promotions from retailers, the key one is that you will get a free pair of Galaxy Buds+ with any pre-order deal on the Plus and Ultra devices.

However, with prices competing with Apple's latest, Samsung Galaxy S20 deals are by no means cheap. With this in mind, it is worth comparing a few of the different retailers offering the devices to find the best promotions and prices.

No matter which of the three devices you go for, Samsung has seriously stepped up its tech. With 120Hz screen refresh rates, vastly improved battery and processing power and what is currently looking like the best phone camera to date, the S20 range is gunning for the number one spot.

Below you'll find a full list of retailers and some advice for which handset will best fit your needs. Just keep in mind that any pre-order won't be sent out until March 10.

Where to buy Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra deals:

If you want to pre-order any of these three new Samsung handsets, then you can do so from any of these retailers:

Samsung phone contracts:

- Carphone Warehouse
- Mobiles.co.uk
Affordable Mobiles
Sky Mobile
iD Mobile

SIM-free Samsung phones:

- Amazon
John Lewis

As we mentioned above, all pre-order deals for the two larger devices will land you a free pair of Galaxy Buds+. These are Samsung's brand new iteration of the popular earbuds and are a pretty valuable freebie! However, don't be lured in by this as it is a retailer wide offer, with any pre-order deal on the Plus and Ultra having it.

Another retailer wide offer is that Samsung will offer trade-in discounts from your old device, getting you a chunk off the price of the S20 when you give up your old phone.

In terms of individual promotions, Carphone Warehouse and Mobiles.co.uk are both offering a '5G for the price of 4G promotion' offering the 5G version of the S20 at...you guessed it, the same price as the 4G version.

Another brand offering a specific promotion is iD Mobile which has a discount code to save £30 on the S20 family. Simply input the code ID2999 when buying a S20 from the iD Mobile site.

Which of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series should you buy?

There's three devices at three different price points, so which one should you buy? For most people, the Samsung Galaxy S20 will be the obvious choice. It has the lowest price tag while not lagging far behind in specs.

The camera isn't quite as powerful as the Plus or Ultra, lacking Depth Vision and the battery/processor combo won't match what's available from the higher price tags. However, for most these are easy features to give up for the price.

What's less easy to give up is the free headphones. You will only get the free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ with Plus and Ultra deals. For anyone with cash to splash, the Ultra will provide what is currently looking like the best phone around.

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