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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip appears on high-quality video days before unveiling

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is designed to sit quietly in your pocket until a phone is needed

When opened, the Galaxy Z Flip will be equipped with a 6.7-inch Infinity Flex display with a 22:9 aspect ratio. That means that the screen will be tall and thin when opened. No, this device doesn't turn into a tablet and is designed to sit in your pocket without taking up too much room until a phone is needed. When the device is closed information like the weather, the time, the date and notifications can be viewed on the external 1.06-inch always-on AMOLED display.

Powering the Galaxy Z Flip is the Snapdragon 855+ Mobile Platform, an overclocked version of Qualcomm's 2019 flagship chipset. The clamshell will sport 8GB of memory along with 256GB of storage. A dual-camera setup consisting of a 12MP primary camera and a 12MP ultra-wide camera is on board. Keeping the lights on will be a 3300mAh battery that uses the 15W fast charger that comes out of the box. The phone also will charge wirelessly at 9W and is equipped with Samsung's reverse wireless charging Power Share feature. This allows the Galaxy Z Flip to power up a pair of Galaxy Buds in their wireless charging case, smartwatches and smartphones that are Qi-compatible.
Android 10 is pre-installed on the Galaxy Z Flip along with Samsung's latest One UI 2.1 interface. As for pricing, we could see a 1,400 EUR price tag placed on the flipper which might result in a $1,400 USD price in the states. That would still undercut the razr and its $1,499.99 price tag. Although the phone isn't expected to be released until next Friday, Weinbach disseminated a tweet yesterday saying that some corporate-owned Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint stores already have received Galaxy Z Flip inventory.
Of course, the Galaxy Z Flip won't be the only big news on Tuesday. Samsung will also be introducing its new flagship phones for the first half of 2020, the Galaxy S20 family. If you're into more traditional form factors, the line includes a 6.2-inch Galaxy S20, a 6.7-inch Galaxy S20+, and the phone that it seems that everyone is looking forward to seeing, the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. All three will have displays that refresh at 120Hz and carry a 1440 x 3200 resolution. Because of its smaller size, the screen on the Galaxy S20 has a whopping 566 pixels per inch. While all three will have 12GB of memory and 128GB of storage, the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G will also have a variant available sporting 512GB of storage.
Speaking of the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, on the back you'll find a 108MP sensor that uses 9:1 pixel binning to produce sharp 12MP images with less noise. The 48MP Space Zoom telephoto camera will have a 100x hybrid zoom thanks to the use of a periscope inside the phone. The Galaxy S20+ will be equipped with a 12MP primary camera, a 64MP telephoto camera offering 3x optical zoom and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. It also will include a Time of Flight (ToF) depth sensor. The Galaxy S20 will have the same setup as the Galaxy S20+ but without the ToF sensor.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G will sport the highest capacity battery ever found on a Samsung smartphone, 5000mAh. The Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 will contain a 4500mAh and a 4000mAh battery respectively.

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