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Save one-third on a Brigenius Hand Warmer

brigenius hand warmer in use

What’s warm, holds a charge, and fits in your pocket? No, it isn’t the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Instead, it’s a much safer product that actually works as intended. You can save 32% on retail and pick up a Brigenius Rechargeable Hand warmer on Amazon right now.

You might have gloves, but gloves don’t recharge your phone. This Brigenius Hand Warmer has a capacity of 8,000mAh, which is enough to recharge most phones twice. Not only that, you can recharge a friend’s phone too with the second USB port.

You can’t charge and warm simultaneously; that just sounds perilous. However, you can easily flip the switch on the side to change your use. You can heat up with temperatures between 113 and 131 degrees. Safety is key, and the hand warmer features short-circuit and overload protection.

The Brigenius Hand Warmer at a glance:

  • Warm up your pockets and keep the circulation going so you can tap away on your devices without losing sensitivity.
  • The large 8,000mAh capacity can charge most phones twice or charge two devices simultaneously.
  • It’s small and light to carry anywhere in a pocket or bag while fishing, hiking, camping, or skiing.
  • Both sides rapidly heat up in seconds when you flip the switch.
  • A built-in intelligent protection system includes protection against short-circuit and overloading.

The Brigenius Hand Warmer has a retail value of $30, but you can save 32% if you’re quick. This 4.6 star-rated product is reduced to just $20.39 on Amazon. Those are some cozy savings.

Amazon ends their sales as they please, so hit the button below to check out the deal.

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