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Simlish: how an improv game turned into the most recognizable language in gaming

Editor’s note: Gerri Lawlor sadly passed away in 2019. This article has been published with the blessing of Gerri’s mother and hopefully will serve as a tribute to the most wonderfully kind, eccentric and talented woman this writer has ever had the pleasure to interview. 

If you consider the most recognizable fictional languages in existence, there’s quite a few that immediately come to mind. Klingon, Elvish, Dothraki; fully-fledged tongues which have been carefully crafted and learned by those dedicated enough to do so. But it’s not just television, film and books that have developed these fictional languages, to a lesser-so extent we’ve seen them crop up in gaming with the likes of Skyrim and Zelda. But no gaming language has become as big of a series trademark as Simlish.

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