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Star Trek: Picard episode 3 recap: we're left with more questions than answers

About this episode

- Episode 3 (of 10), ' The End is the Beginning'
- Written by Michael Chabon & James Duff
- Directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper

Spoilers follow

At Starfleet HQ in San Francisco, Picard talks to Raffi, the woman he met in the desert at the end of the previous episode. This is a flashback, and they're both still members of Starfleet. The official explanation for the synths going rogue on Mars was a fatal error in their OS, but Raffi thinks that's bullshit. She suspects the Tal Shiar. Back in the present day, at her home by the famous Vasquez Rocks, Picard asks her to help him find Bruce Maddox. She's angry, blaming him for her losing her job at Starfleet. But she knows a good pilot, Rios.

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