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Tales From The Borderlands 2 greenlit, The Wolf Among Us 2 delayed

Tales From The Borderlands looks like it’s getting a sequel (pic: Telltale Games/Gearbox)

Rumours suggest Telltale Games are planning to bring back several of their classic franchises, including Poker Night.

The same inside source that leaked the existence of The Wolf Among Us 2 claims that Telltale Games is planning to make a sequel to Gearbox collaboration Tales From The Borderlands.

Although Telltale Games went bust in 2018 they were resurrected by LCG Entertainment, who acquired all the assets of the old company, and some of the old staff, and have already re-published the existing Batman games and are currently working on The Wolf Among Us 2.

Although they’ve evidentially still got the DC Comics licences a lot of the other ones, most notably The Walking Dead, have now lapsed. But Redditor hereitismydude claims that Telltale are working out a deal with Borderlands developer Gearbox to make Tales From The Borderlands 2 and to re-release the original.

Given the same source leaked news of the Batman reissues and The Wolf Among Us 2 before they were officially announced there’s every reason to believe they know what they’re talking about in this instance.

They also claim that the new Telltale Games is working on a third Poker Night title, with previous games working something like Super Smash Bros. for poker, with a wide range of unlikely celebrity cameos that have included GLaDOS from Portal and Ash from Evil Dead.

The third game will apparently include characters from The Wolf Among Us, Tales From The Borderlands, Batman, and Lee Everett from The Walking Dead.

It’s not all good news though, as it’s also claimed that The Wolf Among Us 2 has been put on ‘hold’, because although the tech and art assets are ready the story still hasn’t been finalised by co-developer AdHoc Studio – who are also made up of ex-Telltale staff.

Just because the leaker was right before doesn’t mean he’s not making things up now, but it all sounds very believable. Although hopefully we’ll get official announcement soon.

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