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TCL cancels MWC 2020 press conference; still plans to attend

Just hours after Sony shelved its plans to attend MWC 2020 later this month, TCL has now announced that it’s canceling the press conference it had scheduled for Saturday, February 22.

In a statement released earlier today, TCL said the decision has been made in light of “recent global health concerns” surrounding the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The company is prioritizing the care of staff, customers, press, and other guests.

Unlike LG and Amazon, however, TCL isn’t pulling out of MWC 2020 entirely. It still plans to announce its latest mobile devices at the event and will be showcasing them at its booth from February 24-27 as scheduled.

Little is known about what TCL has up its sleeves for Barcelona right now, but history suggests more self-branded foldable smartphones could be introduced. Whether there are plans to release them this time around remains to be seen, however.

TCL is also the company behind recent Alcatel and BlackBerry smartphones. The former will undoubtedly make an appearance in Spain too, but new BlackBerry devices won’t be appearing because TCL is in the process of ending its licensing agreement.

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