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The 4 Best (& Worst) Games To Play With Your Loved One

It's almost Valentine's Day! That special holiday--created by a greeting card company--where we spend time with the people we love. But you might want to spend it playing video games, so here are some great PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 co-op games to play with your significant other or friend and some you should avoid at all costs. Jess covers titles like Portal 2, Army of Two, and Divinity Original Sin 2, as well as games that do not have "two" in the title, like the bomb-defusal game Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, among others. They are each unique and fun games in their own right, but they might not all be the best game to play with your friend or loved one. Which ones should you play and which should you avoid? Be sure to watch the full video to get all the important details on how to make the most out of your Valentine's Day (or at least the portion of the day you might choose to play video games!). The video also covers titles like A Way Out, Unravel 2, and Overcooked 2. Let us know what your favorite co-op game is down in that comment box and leave me your picks for the best and worst games to play with a significant other.

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