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The powerful LG G8X ThinQ is on sale at a crazy low price at Best Buy

If you don't necessarily believe that LG needs to rethink its mobile strategy and release new smartphones "attached with some wow factors" to turn the faltering business profitable, you might be interested in the latest G8X ThinQ deal.
This is technically the company's newest high-end handset, but compared to the slightly older LG V50 ThinQ, it's arguably a little less impressive, with a lower-res screen in tow, just two cameras slapped on its back instead of three, and no 5G support. On the bright side, that obviously makes the 4G LTE-only LG G8X ThinQ cheaper while the rest of the specifications are certainly not bad for a late 2019 flagship.

Curiously enough, Sprint never tried to match that literally unbeatable promotion on Ma Bell, but for what it's worth, you can now save big on the Now Network's G8X ThinQ as well. We're talking a massive $598 discount available at Best Buy with a device payment plan for both new and existing Sprint subscribers.

That includes a $200 Best Buy instant discount and $16.61 a month carrier bill credits for a full two years, leaving you on the hook for a measly $6.26 a month, or 150 bucks all in all. While we can definitely agree the LG G8X ThinQ would be a very poor investment at its $950 list price and one could also argue against a $600 purchase, a markdown to only $150 makes this bad boy an absolute steal.

After all, we're talking about a premium metal-and-glass slab with a more than decent OLED display in tow, a sleek notch, blazing fast processor under the hood, a big 4,000mAh battery, excellent stereo speakers, a respectable 12 + 13MP dual rear-facing camera setup, and a very solid 32MP selfie shooter. The G8X ThinQ can also seamlessly transform into a rudimentary foldable device of sorts with the help of a "Dual Screen" case, but it's not entirely clear if that thing is included with the Sprint-locked phone at Best Buy.

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