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The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter surpasses $1 million | Pocket Gamer.biz

PlatinumGames' The Wonderful 101: Remastered has raised over $1 million since launching on Kickstarter on February 3rd 2020.

The fundraiser set a goal of $250,000 to bring the former Wii U title to Nintendo Switch, Steam and PlayStation 4. That amount was surpassed within the first four hours.

As a result, the developer unveiled a further two stretch goals including a new Time Attack mode (which has already been achieved) and a "brand new side-scrolling adventure starring a young hero" at $1.5 million.

Backers can gain access to digital copies of the game on release as well as lots of other goodies. One of the more unusual rewards for pledging will see PlatinumGames founder and director Hideki Kamiya block you on Twitter.

Wii U sales lacking

The Wonderful 101 is an action-adventure game that sees players controlling a legion of superheroes during an intergalactic war between Earth and the alien Geathjerk Federation.

Though the game received positive reviews, sales on the Wii U underperformed, hence giving some reason as to why Nintendo chose not to port the game to Switch itself.

The Kickstarter amount raised currently stands at £817,760 ($1.06 million) and is due to finish on March 6th, 2020.

Subsequently, The Wonderful 101: Remastered will launch on Switch in April 2020 with further releases for other platforms to be announced later.

Tencent recently invested an undisclosed sum in PlatinumGames, though the studio is expected to remain independent.

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