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These are the five best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals ahead of the S20 launch tonight

Counting down the hours until the Samsung Galaxy S20 launch? While we know we're going to be witnessing one of the best smartphones of 2020 tonight, we are fully aware that this also means an eye-watering price tag to match.

But in the midst of flagship phones, wallet-emptying price tags and phones we are dangerously considering forking out the cash for, there is a silver lining. In the run up to new launches, older devices always come down in price.

In this instance, that means now is a great time to buy Samsung Galaxy S10 deals with a number of contracts hitting some great price points (especially in comparison to what Samsung Galaxy S20 deals are likely to cost!)

With this in mind, we've picked out the five best Samsung phone deals from the 2019 Galaxy S collection and listed them for you down below.

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1. Cheap monthly bills:

2. Big data plan, low costs on the S10:

3. The best Galaxy S10 on EE:

4. Unlimited data with the Galaxy S10:

5. Go big with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 512GB: at Fonehouse | EE | FREE upfront | 75GB data | Unlimited texts and calls | £41pm
As the biggest and most powerful option from Samsung's most recent trio, this feels like the closest alternative to the soon-to-be-here S20 range. And luckily it seems to be at its best right now. This deal beats everything due to a few factors - the lack of upfront costs, EE and its superfast speed, big data plan and most importantly, its 512GB of storage for the price of 128.
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