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This 512GB storage Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal now costs the same as 128GB

Films, music, photos of friends, old retired memes you'll never use again but don't want to delete - your phone is full of stuff. But if you find yourself running out of storage on your handset, the upgrade to larger storage doesn't come cheap.

However, right now for any Samsung fans out there, that upgrade in storage just became a whole lot cheaper - free to be exact! That's because a recent Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal is now offering a storage boost at no extra cost.

For £41 a month and nothing upfront, you can currently get the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus on EE with a massive 75GB of data. Normally this deal would land you with 128GB of storage but right now, that price will secure you a 512GB phone.

Considering this was the best tariff around on this phone before the storage upgrade, it is now leading the way for our #1 pick of best smartphone with ease. You can see more about this offer below.

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This 512GB storage Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal:

What is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus like?

Samsung's greatest 2019 handset, the S10 Plus is about as good as phones come right now - it's gone straight to the top of our best smartphone chart. The S10 Plus has a beautiful infinity-O display, in-screen fingerprint scanner, strong battery life and a powerful processor. But obviously with all of these features comes a big price, which is where these affordable offers come into play. 

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