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This SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is now £400 cheaper as Galaxy S20 launches

Samsung fans around the world will be counting down the hours tonight until the Korean giant's latest launch hits the virtual and physical shelves. But while that is massive and exciting news, we've stumbled across a second reason to be excited.

In the lead-up to Samsung Galaxy S20 deals, Very has embraced the new phone euphoria by slashing the price of an older handset. But Very hasn't done a small trim, it's done a full blown buzz cut.

Now, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 512GB of storage - the biggest storage size available - at a price of just £699. That works out as a £400 price drop from the original RRP and a spend lower than almost all 128GB versions of the phone.

If you already know in your heart that the Samsung Galaxy S20 is not for you, this will be an offer to seize quickly before it's pulled away again. And then you can get a cheap SIM only deal to finish off the cheap plan you will soon have.

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This 512GB storage Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 512GB: at Very | SIM-free | £1099 £699
The launch of the S20 is now just hours away, making this a very timely price drop. Considering the RRP of this handset with 512GB of storage is £1099, the price of £699 is a massive drop. This even massively undercuts any other retailer for this phone, hitting a price lower than most 128GB versions.View Deal

What is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus like?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S20 deals are almost here but this remains the best Samsung handset of 2019, the S10 Plus is about as good as phones come right now - it's gone straight to the top of our best smartphone chart. The S10 Plus has a beautiful infinity-O display, in-screen fingerprint scanner, strong battery life and a powerful processor. But obviously with all of these features comes a big price, which is where these affordable offers come into play. 

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