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Twitter follows Instagram in crackdown on 'manipulated' images

Twitter has announced a new rule to crack down on content it considers to have been deliberately altered to cause “serious harm”.

While stopping short of banning manipulated images, videos and audio outright, Twitter said it was very likely to remove content that has been “deceptively altered” and is likely to cause users harm. The new rules come into effect on March 5.

Twitter added that fabricated media which is shared on the platform but isn’t deemed harmful may get a warning label and have its visibility reduced on the platform. The company will also provide a link to a Twitter Moment or landing page that, the platform hopes, will provide additional context and clarification around why the tweet was flagged.

(Image credit: Twitter)

In a blog post, Twitter admitted that putting the new rule into place will be a learning process, suggesting changes could be made to how the social media platform polices the spread of fake news.

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