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Why should you give a damn about movies with high frame rates in 2020?

When it was first suggested that 2012's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey might release in a 48 frames per second format in theaters rather than the traditional 24fps we're used to, there was a backlash. High frame rates are celebrated in games, but in movies and TV shows, it's the sort of thing we associate with our parents' TVs when they've messed with the settings – but that's an interpolation effect, rather than a film actually being presented at a high frame rate. 

What is High Frame Rate (HFR)?

(Image credit: LG)

High Frame Rate, or HFR, refers to a frame rate higher than 25fps for motion pictures and 30fps for all other outputs. HFR content offers more visual clarity by capturing more data in the filming process, which can then be displayed on some TVs - like LG's OLED screens with the Alpha a9 processor - that can show native 120 frame-per-second content without motion interpolation.

So how do you fight that stigma? It'll take time, and, honestly, more movies being released in higher frame rates than we see right now. The latest to try it was the Ang Lee-directed Will Smith movie Gemini Man, which released in cinemas last year. 

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