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You can already pre-order the Galaxy Buds Plus on Amazon! (Update)

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Update: February 10, 2020 (3:25 PM ET): Unfortunately, it looks like the pre-order links have already been taken down. But don’t worry, we still expect Samsung to officially unveil these bad boys tomorrow, and if these listings had any truth to them, you could potentially get them in your hands as early as this Friday.

Samsung hasn’t even announced the Galaxy Buds Plus yet, but you can already pre-order them on Amazon (links below). Amazon’s listing says the earbuds will be available February 14, but we expect to see Samsung unveil them tomorrow at its Unpacked 2020 event, alongside the Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Z Flip.

The successor to Samsung’s already solid Galaxy Buds promises a slightly more polished design, better battery life, and improved sound quality. The Galaxy Buds Plus also tout Qi wireless charging, and they are expected to offer 11 hours of continuous playback and up to 22 hours of total battery life thanks to the included charging case. Plus, only three minutes of charge time should provide another hour of listening, so you shouldn’t be left with dead earbuds when you least expect it.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus come with a reasonable $149 price tag, and they should be compatible with both Android and iOS. If you are looking for some of the latest and greatest true wireless earbuds on the market, you’ll want to start looking here. Be sure to keep an eye out for our full review once we get our hands on them.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus (cloud blue)

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus (black)

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus (white)

$149 .99

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