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6 useful Chrome OS features you probably aren't using

Since most of us are currently cooped up and stressed out over that lovely little pandemic of ours (maybe you’ve read a thing or two about it?), I thought it might be a nice distraction to focus on making the most of the gadgets we’ve got shuttered up alongside us.

After all, whether you’re actively trying to get work done or just trying to take your mind off other matters, having a laptop that’s efficient, enjoyable to use, and primed for productivity is always a positive. And I don’t know about you, but uncovering interesting advanced options within my favorite devices always brings at least a little bit of brightness into my day.

Well, if you’ve got a Chromebook you’re using for work and/or more casual around-the-house computing, Google’s Chrome OS software has plenty of worthwhile surprises just waiting to be discovered. Chrome OS is developed and updated at a breakneck pace, and the operating system is overflowing with time-saving touches that are all too easy to miss if you aren’t paying careful attention (and sometimes, even if you are!).

So give yourself a break from the nonstop virus news for a few minutes, grab the Chromebook closest to you, and see which of these handy features isn’t yet on your radar and part of your daily process.

Chrome OS feature #1: System-wide dictation

This first item is one of the most useful Chrome OS features available — and also one of the hardest to find: Just like on Android, you can actually speak aloud to your Chromebook anytime, in any app or process, and have Google’s tiny invisible genies transcribe your words into text in real time.

But first, you have to activate the system:

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