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AMD vs Intel: which chipmaker does processors better?

If you're looking to build your first PC or workstation, you're probably at least familiar with the AMD vs Intel rivalry. And even if you're an experienced builder and looking for the best PC components, we can help you sort out the differences between AMD Ryzen 300 and Threadripper CPUs as well as Intel's latest Coffee Lake, Ice Lake, and Cascade Lake-X

Intel and AMD are like Mac and Windows 10: they don't get along with one another on a technical level, and they both have very dedicated users and fanbases. Since these two brands don't mix, it's the most important choice you'll have to make when you're looking for the best processor for your next PC build. Both brands have their benefits as well as flaws when it comes to graphics and overclocking capabilities as well as price points and component variety.

It can be a lot to take in, so we'll break down each brand's available components, including CPUs and graphics cards. We'll look at overall costs, performance, and where each brand is headed in the coming years so you won't get stuck with an obsolete build before you even get it finished.

AMD vs Intel

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AMD vs Intel: price

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