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Apple in the enterprise: What is Shared iPad for Business?

With a recent software update, Apple’s iPad OS gets support for an excellent feature borrowed from Apple School Manager called Shared iPad for Business. This lets enterprises share iPads between employees much more effectively.

What is Shared iPad for Business?

Apple first introduced the capacity to share iPads within Apple School Manager. The idea behind this option is that by combining Managed Apple IDs and the cloud it became possible to share fleets of iPads among multiple students.

A student would use their Managed Apple ID to sign-in to the machines, which would then be populated by all that student’s relevant data, apps and resources, including their own personal Mail account, app data, iCloud Photo Library and more. Data is all stored in iCloud and downloaded when required.

Apple’s decision to extend this support into enterprise deployments with Shared iPad for Business makes it possible to find new ways to use Apple’s tablets across industries, and provides a personalized experience for multiple end users.

It should be of particular use in retail, distribution and logistics, where employees frequently make use of mobile devices – which can now more easily be shared across teams. It also makes it easier to deploy apps across teams.

How does Shared iPad for Business work?

Employees simply sign in with a company-provided Managed Apple ID and password. The iPad then becomes their own while they are using it.

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