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Apple iPad Pro 2020 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 7 features, prices and battery life

Apple doesn’t fall on its back and keeps pushing its tablets as full-fledged PC replacements even with the latest iPad Pro 2020 models that come with… a Magic Keyboard that sports a trackpad like on cough, Surface tablets, cough.

Despite all the 2010s hubris that tablets and especially iPads will kill laptops, that didn’t happen, and instead tablets are becoming more and more like them. The big initial advantage of iPads and other tablets was the battery life, but, with laptops now closing that gap and weighing down to two or three pounds, the main tablet advantages are becoming less and less so by the day.

Apple iPad Pro 2020 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 7 specs, price and feature differences

In the case of the iPad Pro 2020 however, the situation is more clear cut, as it not only allows you to access Apple’s iOS ecosystem on a larger display, but also lets you choose from three input methods that are supposed to shake things up for both creatives and the business types. 

In that respect, the iPad Pro 2020 resembles Microsoft’s Surface efforts, and you can even use a mouse with iOS on it, bazinga! The base Surface even starts cheaper than the lowest form of iPad Pro 2020, but we’ll use the Core-i7 model as an example, as Apple’s A12Z Bionic chipset already demonstrated it’s on par in benchmarks.

  • Price: $1099 (iPad Pro 2020 256GB) vs $999 (Surface Pro 7 Core i5 256GB + cover promo)
  • Keyboards w/ trackpad: $349 (Apple Magic Keyboard) vs $160 (Signature Type Cover)
  • Stylus: $129 (Apple Pencil) vs $100 (Surface Pen)
  • Battery life: 10 hours (iPad Pro 2020) vs 10.5 hours (Surface Pro 7)
  • Displays: 12.9″ (iPad Pro) vs 12.3″ (Surface Pro 7) with basically the same pixel density
  • Cameras: 3 cameras and 4K video (iPad Pro) vs 2 cams and 1080p (Surface)
  • Features: LiDAR scanner and 120Hz display (iPad) vs USB-C port, finger scanner (Surface cover)
  • OS: iPadOS 13.4 vs Windows 10

    As versatile and high-tech as the iPad Pro 2020 has become, adding a trackpad, cursor and LiDAR scanner to the already-there top-notch 120Hz display, it is still a vessel for the iPadOS system and its creativity inclination, while the Surface Pro 7 counters with the productivity of Windows and ubiquity of regular ports. For the kind of many Microsoft and Apple are asking, though, you can buy a pretty svelte laptop that will weigh and last just as much on a charge.

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