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Apple ships iCloud folder sharing, iPad trackpad support – and more

Apple has updated iPhones, iPads, Macs and the Apple Watch/Apple TV, offering up  some of the features we’ve been talking about for weeks, including iCloud folder sharing, iPad trackpad support and more

The productivity update

You could argue that the update is a boost to productivity, particularly as it includes support for features that should be quite useful to remote workers – namely iCloud Folder Sharing and trackpad support for iPads.

It’s an important update that introduces a string of essential improvements:

  • iCloud folder sharing.
  • Mouse and trackpad support for iPads.
  • Universal app purchases.
  • Toolbar improvements in Mail.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Photos.
  • New CarPlay controls.

You also get support for the recently introduced Beats Powerbeats 4 earphones and a selection of nine new Memoji stickers.

Mac users gain Screen Time Communication Limits (useful for remote workers  attempting to keep life under control) and real-time Apple Music lyrics. And recently played Apple Arcade games now appear in the Arcade tab, making it much easier to play them across all your Apple devices.

What is iCloud folder sharing?

Without a doubt the marquee feature in this release, iCloud Folder Sharing means you can share entire folders of documents, images and other digital stuff with others. Simple to use, the feature was originally announced at WWDC 2019. (Apple may have had problems ensuring consistent behavior in the feature, which turns iCloud Drive into a Dropbox replacement for the rest of us.)

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