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Apple starts offering free books and audiobooks to users in the US

As the world is slowly engulfed by the coronavirus outbreak, people are told to stay home to avoid further spreading of COVID-19. Apple, just like many other companies, is trying to make the lives of those who self-isolate easier.

Reading is just one of the activities that not only help you pass the time but also enriches you with knowledge. Apple Books, the e-book reading and store application for iOS devices, is now offering users in the United States some free books and audiobooks, MacRumors reports.

The promotion is available for a limited time, but it’s unclear if it’s only available in the US. Some Apple Books users with US accounts received push notifications informing them about the freebies:

However, you can easily check whether the promotion is available in your country by heading the Book Store section of the app and tapping Featured Collection. If you see something at the top that says “Free book for everyone, from kids to adults,” then you’re eligible for the promotion.

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