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BoomBit shifts its focus to hypercasual games | Pocket Gamer.biz

Ramp Car Jumping publisher BoomBit has shifted its focus to the hypercasual genre.

Having exceeded 25 million downloads for its hypercasual titles, it will fully commit to the genre in Q2 with a string of releases.

The publisher launched hypercasual title Ramp Car Jumping in December 2019. Since release, the game has been installed 15 million times. In turn, it reached the top five download charts on the App Store in 10 countries. It also hit the top five download ranks overall on Google Play.

All about experience

“The experience we’ve gained in the mid-core market over the last three years puts us in a powerful position as a hypercasual publisher,” said BoomBit co-founder Marcin Olejarz.

“Visually-rich and exciting games like ‘Ramp Car Jumping’ come about through years of building more complex driving games. What we’re doing here is focusing on the most exciting part – the crashes – while streamlining the rest to make the game extremely accessible, and the result is a laser-focused, visually intense and exciting game that anyone can play.”

The firm’s casual title Archery Club achieved one million downloads in December 2019.

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