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Call of Duty: Mobile developer to remove one the game's most popular features

Call of Duty: Mobile developer has just revealed that the Zombies mode, one of the series' most popular modes, will be removed indefinitely. Unfortunately, it looks like the mobile implementation of the Zombies mode is not on par with the one from the other platforms.Because it doesn't offer players the gameplay experience that it should, developers will be removing the Zombies mode come March 25. Moreover, the second map, Nacht Der Untoten will not be released globally for the same reason.

However, both the Zombies mode and the Nacht Der Untoten might be released at a future date, when developers are certain that they have been polished enough to be ready for prime time. The problem is that it might take a long time for that to happen since developers confirmed they are now focusing on development for multiplayer, battle royale, and ranked mode.

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