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Counter-Strike Pro sentenced to 116 years in prison for fraud

116 years does seem a bit excessive (pic: Instagram)

One of the most influential female esports stars in Brazil has blamed her ex-husband and Internet trolls for her current legal problems.

Shayene ‘shAy’ Victorio may not be that famous in the Anglosphere but she’s very well known in the Brazilian Counter-Strike scene, where she became one of the most well-known female esports stars.

She retired last year, to become a streamer, but according to ESPN in Brazil her legal problems relate to an online store she ran between 2013 and 2017.

118 customers claim they never received anything from the store, despite paying for goods, and as a result Victorio has been found guilty of fraud.

The 116 years sentence is something of formality, as while that is officially her sentence the maximum amount of jail time in Brazil, regardless of sentence, is 30 years.

Whether she serves even that remains to be seen though as she is still able to appeal the sentence and is not yet under arrest.

According to a post on Instagram, Victorio claims that the shop issues were the fault of her ex-husband, who has apparently admitted responsibility.

A statement by her lawyer, as translated by AFK Gaming, claims that Victorio has been the victim of Internet defamation, ’with people creating fake pages to attack her, simply for the purpose of gossip and malevolence’.

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