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Daniel Craig's James Bond movies are serialized, but they don't fit together

There are two groups of people given to lengthy discussion about characters named Mr White: Reservoir Dogs fans, and the Double-0 division of MI6. All in all, when No Time To Die releases in November, Bond will have spent 14 years and five films tracing the steps and life story of the elusive Spectre lieutenant. Yet all but the most dedicated Bond nuts would struggle to remember anything about him beyond his favourite color. I wouldn’t imagine that his actor, Jesper Christensen, gets recognized a lot in the street.

You might say he’s emblematic of Spectre’s capacity to be everywhere yet unseen; that sounds like a line you might hear in one of the Craig-era Bond films. But really, it’s an indictment of just how flimsy and forgettable the larger arc of those movies has been. 

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