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Deal: Get two 500-lumen military flashlights for just $15

UltraBright 500 Lumen Tactical Military Flashlight

Having an emergency kit is seeming more importantly than ever, and flashlights are an essential component. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable option, the UltraBright tactical military flashlights are 85% off right now.

The UltraBright may be the last flashlight you’ll ever need to purchase; so durable that it can survive some of the toughest conditions. You could freeze one in a block of ice and it’ll still work like new.

Couple its durability with a 500-lumen brightness capacity, one-mile range, and long battery life, and you’ve got a winner that’ll provide years of faithful service. It has different modes that make it perfect for emergencies, and it’s equally great for outdoor enthusiasts.

The military flashlights at a glance:

  • Each of the two military-grade flashlights boasts a brightness of 500 lumens.
  • The handy storage case makes traveling a cinch.
  • Each flashlight is fully adjustable and features a one-mile brightness range.
  • Different modes make them suitable for all kinds of situations including emergencies.

A two-pack of UltraBright 500-lumen tactical military flashlights are worth $100, but they’re now on sale for just $14.99 over on Tech Deals.

The deal has almost ended, so hit the button below before you miss it.

UltraBright 500-Lumen Tactical Military Flashlight: 2-Pack Buy it Now

Save $85 .01 $14 .99

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