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Deal: Launch your blog with tips and tricks

build your blog bundle

Blogging is a great way to get your thoughts out to the world. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing then it’s likely that almost no one will read it. You can learn some tips and tricks to grow your audience with the Ultimate Build Your Blog Bundle on Tech Deals.

This hands-on learning kit packs over 30 hours of content into three modules to help you launch your blog. You can learn how to combine great content, a powerful voice, and useful information to gain followers.

You can also explore the essential skills of strategy development and content planning. The first module is dedicated to helping you write, create, and market, and then it’s time to grow.

Grow your blog and learn from the pros.

Now that you have your blog started, it’s time to team up with April Bowles-Olin. She’s the brains behind Blacksburg Belle, and her goal is to help you revise your marketing plan. Not only can you learn how to grow through email, but you’ll also explore the basics of social media growth.

The third blog-boosting module is all about creating content that drives traffic. It’s not taught by just any blogger either. You can learn from the Most Prolific Blogger and Guinness World Record holder, Darren Murph. He’ll explain what kind of work and effort is involved in becoming a great writer.

The Ultimate Build Your Blog Bundle

Build your Blog at a glance:

The retail value of the Ultimate Build your Blog Bundle is $177 but you can get started for just $29.97. It’s an easy way to launch your site and start growing quickly.

This deal will be gone soon so learn more via the widget below.

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