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Deal: Save 62% on Sony Extra Bass headphones

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Open-box deals can be one of the best ways to save money on brand new products. These Sony Extra Bass headphones on Tech Deals are no exception, letting you pick up a pair right now and save $50 all because someone opened the box first.

Not only are these Sony headphones more affordable than ever, but they also pack the tech specs to punch above their weight. They feature a 1.18-inch Extra Bass driver for powerful sound without being heavy or bulky. Sony has also expanded the low-frequency range so percussion, bass, and sub-bass can come through stronger than before.

Take your headphones anywhere with improved portability.

Comfort and portability are vital to good headphone design. The Sony Extra Bass headphones have an improved acoustic seal and a swivel design that allows you to flatten your headphones for easy carry and storage.

The headphones also feature a Smart Key to help you throughout your day. You can pair the key to an app and program the button for different functions like skipping songs and answering the phone.

The Sony Extra Bass headphones at a glance:

  • 1.18-inch Extra Bass drivers
  • Expanded low-frequency range
  • Comfortable earpads with improved acoustic seal
  • A swivel design allowing the headphones to lay flat
  • Smart Key app

The Sony Extra Bass headphones have a retail value of $79.99 but you can get yours now for just $29.99. This is an open-box deal so you’re getting solid savings. The products may have been handled by a retailer but they’re still brand-new.

Stock is limited and the deal will end soon so check out the deals below while you can.

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