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Despite quarantine ordinances AT&T is determined to keep its stores opened

It looks like AT&T is defying the quarantine ordinances issues recently in the United States, as many of its stores will remain open during the coronavirus pandemic. Several days ago, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommended not holding any group gatherings of 50 people or more in the United States.Many carriers decided to close their stores to keep customers and employees safe from the COVID-19. T-Mobile closed 80% of its stores, while the rest will operate on a reduced schedule. Sprint is only keeping 30% of its stores open. Verizon promised to close many of its stores as well but didn’t provide any additional details yet. On the other hand, AT&T announced that it will keep all its stores open for now.

Android Authority received a leaked internal document sent by AT&T officials to many of the carrier’s stores. The memo reiterates the fact that some AT&T stores will remain open despite the coronavirus spreading and that if employees will be visited by local law enforcement, they should show them the letter explaining that AT&T stores are providing essential services.

According to the tipster that leaked the document, about 40% of AT&T stores are closed but most of the employees have been relocated to the other stores, which means that even more people will be put to risk during the coronavirus pandemic.

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