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Disney Plus UK first impressions: good value, especially if you have kids at home

The Disney Plus launch in the UK was greeted with a cavalcade of parents tweeting ‘Thank God, I can stick my kid in front of this.’ After a long wait since the US launch in November, Disney Plus is finally here. And what a time to arrive, as the country goes behind locked doors for the foreseeable future. Disney Plus is another welcome distraction from the horror. 

If you didn’t take advantage of the pre-order offer that cut £10 off the price for a year’s subscription before launch, it means you’re probably on the fence about the service. And that’s fair enough. While the UK mercifully hasn’t been hit by the same onrush of streaming services as the US – which has yielded great new originals across the board, but is starting to rival the cost of a cable bill in total price – you do now have to spend well over £20 per month here to get everything

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