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Download these unofficial Google Pixel 4a wallpapers

Google Pixel 4a rumors and leaks have been steadily rolling in for several weeks now. We have an idea of what the device will look like, how much it will cost, and eagle-eyed enthusiasts will notice we even got a glimpse at the Pixel 4a’s potential wallpapers in recently leaked photos and a video. At least Android icon and theme designer Pashapuma (@pashapuma1) did, prompting the artist to design a few wallpapers of their own.

Pashapuma shared their designs on Twitter, making a few different variations of what the leaked images reveal. First, the designer created a few purple, black, and grey monochromatic wallpapers based on earlier hands-on photos of the Pixel 4a.

Then, they made a few more colorful wallpapers based on the most recent leaked promotional material Even Blass (@evleaks) shared on Twitter.

All of these wallpapers look pretty damn good. The graphic artist even created different versions to fit more seamlessly into both light and dark system themes.

It goes without saying none of these wallpapers are official, and the artist made a few versions based on their own artistic design aesthetic. But if you love new phone wallpapers, and you don’t want to wait for either Google to release the official Google Pixel 4a wallpapers or for them to surface online prematurely, then you should check these out for yourself.

You can download either set of Pashumpa’s Google Pixel 4a wallpapers at the links below.

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