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EK Intros The Quantum Reflection Evolv X D5 PWM D-RGB

EK is launching the EK-Quantum Reflection Evolv X D5 PWM D-RGB – a custom-designed water cooling reservoir, routing, and pump solution made to fit two Phanteks cases. This distro plate is specifically designed to provide advanced water cooling with a market-leading D5 pump for users who demand premium aesthetics, silence, and powerful flow. This distro plate is made for the Phanteks Evolv X and the Phanteks P600S.

EK-Quantum Reflection Evolv X D5 PWM D-RGB – A Slim Reservoir With A Clean Aesthetic

This distribution plate is designed to bring the slim-lined EK Quantum aesthetics to an already elegant case alongside high flow and silent operation thanks to its genuine D5 pump. EK-Quantum Reflection Evolv X D5 PWM D-RGB offers an all-in-one solution that includes a D5 pump, reservoir, simple mounting mechanism, and multiple industry standard G1/4″ threaded inlet and outlets.

The placement of these inlets and outlets is aligned to match other EK cooling components and to minimize the number of bends the user has to make when creating the loop. The distro plate can support up to one CPU water block, four GPU blocks, and a top-mounted radiator. The radiator compatibility for both P600s and Evolv X with this distro plate is up to a 360mm XE radiator at the top of the chassis.

Fits Well With All Motherboard Sizes And Feature D-RGB

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