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Galaxy S20 Ultra durability test shows it’s as tough as you’d expect

The first few weeks of a smartphone’s life are a very eventful time. First, there are the hands-ons and first impressions, then come camera samples and teardowns. And eventually, every important device falls in the hands of Zack from the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything.

Once that happens, we get an idea of how good the phone is at taking physical abuse (obviously, verbal won’t affect it much). We’ve been expecting the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to receive the same treatment and the video of its durability test is now here:

If you don’t feel like listening to scratching noises for 8 minutes, here’s a quick breakdown. The S20 Ultra is as durable as most other premium flagships. Scratches appear at the expected levels so the Ultra part of the phone is reserved for the specs and price. The display withstands the lighter flame pretty well and after the heat is gone there seems to be no permanent damage to it. And when it comes to bending, there is a slight give but that’s to be expected from such a big device. However, no lasting damage after that test as well, unlike the Pixel 4 XL, which cracked under the pressure of Zack’s hands.

The massive camera module appears to be well-protected which is quite important considering it’s protruding from the back so much.

Overall, unless you’re planning to kick your S20 Ultra around in the gravel, you should expect it to keep up with everyday use just fine. But at $1,400, you should probably give it some extra protection anyway, so how about you check out our best cases for Galaxy S20 compilation?

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