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Game development agency Amber and independent studio Scorpius Games are merging | Pocket Gamer.biz

Development agency Amber has merged with indie studio Scorpius Games.

The merger is part of Amber's expansion into the games industry. More specifically, it wants to develop its PC and console development expertise and recently opened a studio in New Mexico.

As part of the merger, Amber now owns the rights to Scorpius Games' upcoming rogue-lite first-person shooter title PositronX. Amber will take over the development of the game. Currently, it is in Early Access on Steam.

Joining forces

"We're very excited to be officially joining the ever-expanding talent pool at Amber," said Scorpius Games CEO Eugen Udrea.

"We've been collaborating with them over the last year to work on advanced Unreal Engine technologies, and it's been an awesome experience so far. We are excited to take this relationship to the next level."

Amber CEO Mihai Pohontu added: "The merger with Scorpius Games aims to consolidate Amber's position as a reference solution for PC and console development.

"This reciprocal partnership evolves our technical expertise, while also offering Scorpius Games access to our considerable workforce, while we continue developing their new IP, PositronX."

This story originally apperared on PCGamesInsider.biz.

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