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Games vs Covid-19: Hatch Kids and AirConsole go free

With movement restrictions impacting many millions of people globally, the time spent on screen-based entertainment is increasing.

This chronologically-ordered list is an attempt to keep tabs on stories reflecting such behaviour so game developers can better understand how different platforms and titles are performing.

Hopefully it will also be useful for consumers as various games and game services become more accessible in terms of pricing. 


17 March:

16 March:

15 March:

  • According to the unofficial SteamDB website, Steam hits a new all-time record for concurrent users with 20.3 million users during a 24-hour period
  • Some users suffer from sign-in issues on Xbox Live, which takes a couple of hours to fix  
  • Real Betis and Sevilla played their scheduled derby via FIFA 2020 and Twitch

14 March


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