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Get Disney Plus completely free for six months with O2's SIM only deals

So we’re now all stuck inside for a while and Disney Plus is officially available in the UK – the timing has lined up well. But if you would rather skip the full subscription cost involved with investing in the service, there is another way.

For anyone who has their SIM plan with O2, you can now upgrade to receive six months of Disney Plus as part of your plan. This can be added as an extra on your SIM deal, costing just £2 a month. And if you buy a new SIM from O2, it is completely free.

Considering the full year of Disney Plus costs a total of £59.99, this works out as a pretty massive saving, either getting it for free with a new plan or saving roughly £3 each month if you upgrade. As for which SIM plan from O2 you have to choose, it can be pretty much any.

The only exclusion to the rule is O2’s 30 day SIM plans. Otherwise, you can choose an 18 month plan, 12 month, big data, small data, cheap as chips or the most decked-out expensive offer.

O2 SIM only deals + Disney Plus:

SIM only plan from O2 | Disney Plus add-on for six months included with all plans (excluding 30-day rolling)
Right now, this looks to be the cheapest way to get a Disney Plus subscription. If you’re already with O2, simply upgrade your plan. For those looking for a new SIM only deal, this could well be the one of the best options out there.View Deal

What’s Disney Plus like?

Disney Plus is the new hyped up streaming service and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Included is most of the Marvel movies, the popular new Star Wars show ‘The Mandalorian’ and even all of the episodes of The Simpsons.

You can download and save episodes and have 4K HDR with Dolby Vision at your disposal. And if you’ve got kids to entertain, it is no surprise that Disney Plus comes stacked full of kids content.

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