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Get a Free Nintendo Switch Console Now with Vodafone iPhone XR Deals

Before you start pulling your hair out in self-isolation, take a look at Mobile Phone Direct’s iPhone XR deals, which now include a free Nintendo Switch. The console retails for £279, but is sold out from most UK retailers at the moment – including the Nintendo Store – or is in limited stock. Mobile Phones Direct’s deal not only includes the Switch fore free but also includes free delivery, makes this deal all the more appealing.

Some bundles even include free access to streaming services like Now TV, Prime Video, Spotify or Sky Sports too (not that there’s much sports on at the moment) for the entire 24-month term.

If you’re not keen to pay hundreds of pounds upfront for the iPhone XR though, you can find several options with zero upfront costs. One deal we particularly like includes 6GB of data for £52.50 per month with the side serving of a streaming service. Check out this iPhone XR Nintendo bundle.  

Mobile Phones Direct

If you prefer unlimited data, there’s also this option for £5 more per month. If you don’t see the deal right away on Mobiles Phone Direct’s list, click on ‘View All’ and keep scrolling:

Mobile Phone Direct

Keep in mind these are cashback by redemption deals, so you will have to claim to get the reduced monthly rate. The contracts are for 24 months.

Note: We experienced issues adding deals to our basket while using Chrome. We would recommend using Firefox if you experience the same problem.

If you’re especially keen on Switch deals, we’d be remiss not to mention that the 12-month Nintendo Switch Online passes have been slashed to £14.85 for individuals, and £24.85 for families over at ShopTo.

We’re also keeping tabs on leading iPhone XR deals of the month if you only want iPhone on its own, whether SIM-free or on contract.

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