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Google Play gathered 116 billion downloads of games and apps in 2019 | Pocket Gamer.biz

Google has revealed that there are two billion monthly active users on alongside news that Google Play had garnered 116 billion downloads from games and apps in 2019. 

As reported by GamesBeat, Google revealed the stat alongside several other pieces of information at its Games Developer Summit which took place after the postponement of GDC 2020.

Android was confirmed to have 2.5 billion monthly active devices, while in 2019 the number of minutes played throughout the year equalled to 1.4 trillion. It was also noted that there are 200 million users watching game content every day via YouTube, with creators producing 50 billion hours worth of game content.

Google ad campaigns were also confirmed to have driven 27 billion game installs since launch. As a result, mobile games are on track to reach $100 billion in 2021.

New developer tools

At the same conference, Google unveiled a number of new tools that will be available for game developers, including Google Play Asset Delivery, Android GPU Inspector and Android Performance Tuner.

Google Play Asset Delivery is a new delivery feature that helps players get into sessions faster than before via the transfer of games assets to specific mobile devices at the right time. The service is free and is hosted through Google, therefore reducing costs for developers.

When implemented, the free Android Performance Tuner looks to improve frame rates and fidelity by introducing new analytics and performance metrics for developers.

Finally, the Android GPU Inspector reveals information about a mobile game’s render stages and GPU counters. This allows engineers to improve frame rates and increase battery life.

We recently reported on how Google mobile download numbers suggest Stadia has sold 107,000 units in the last two months.

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