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Google updates Google app with a shortcut for Chrome incognito mode

The Google app’s default option for browsing incognito has been around for nearly a year. However, the feature contained one major flaw that made going incognito meaningless - when clicking on a search result from the incognito tab, the window that opens is not incognito and all activity is saved to your Google account’s history. However, according to Android Police, Google is going to provide a solution to this issue. Some users have noticed a new option added to the Google app - the possibility to open a new Chrome incognito tab.

Apparently, the feature is a shortcut which reportedly will lead you to Chrome to browse in incognito there. When tapping on the option, you get the usual disclaimer for an incognito window, advising you that data might still be visible to carriers, websites and employers or schools.

Unfortunately, this is another server-side update from Google, as the one for Google Photos, and it cannot be manually installed, even if you have a beta version of the Google app. So, we will wait and see when this feature will be rolled out to all the users.

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