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Here's how you can get Apple's 2019-released iPad and iPad Air at just $100 each

We know not a lot of people enjoy doing business with Sprint these days, as evidenced in the latest financial reports released by the nation's fourth-largest wireless service provider, but some products available through the "Now Network" right now are simply too affordable to ignore after recent discounts.

Namely, around 100 bucks, although predictably enough, these killer deals also come with their fair share of strings attached and special requirements you need to meet to save up to a whopping $530 all in all.

You're looking at signing a 24-month contract installment plan rather than a Flex Lease arrangement, which means you'll actually own your choice of the third-gen iPad Air or seventh-gen iPad after coughing up $4.17 a month for two years. The price cuts are only good if you don't have a problem opening a new line of service on a "qualifying" plan and settling for massive savings in the form of monthly bill credits.

Keep in mind that one of these tablets is undoubtedly better than the other one, which is obviously why the revived iPad Air normally costs $630 in an LTE-enabled variant at Sprint, compared to the $460 list price of a 10.2-inch iPad with cellular connectivity.

Why would you buy the significantly slower slate with less storage space and a smaller screen squeezed into the same exact body as the iPad Air 3 at the same exact price? We honestly have no idea how to answer that, although the iPad (7th Gen) would clearly become a must-buy if Sprint runs out of discounted iPad Air (2019) inventory first. 

Intriguingly enough, both tablets seem to be quite popular among the Now Network's customers, currently showing as available in just one hue each. So, yeah, it's probably a good idea to hurry and get your order in before it's too late.

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