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Hidden code reveals Google's plan to offer free movies and television shows

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, streaming content is more in demand than ever. XDA found some strings of code hidden in version 4.18.37 of the Android app suggesting that Google has something up its sleeve just perfect for the new world that we live in. The code reveals that there could be a new section of content in the Movies & TV app/website that will be supported by ads, and thus offered for free to users.

The strings of code that XDA found include one that reads, “hundreds of movies, just a few ads.” Others say “Watch free with ads,” “Add birthdate to watch,” and “Free with ads.” Considering that much of the world is pretty much staring at a screen all day, this is the perfect time for companies to keep their names in front of consumers. And since Google is pretty much an advertising company, this is a win-win-win all around. The companies get to reach a large number of consumers, Google collects its slice of the pie, and those stuck in their homes get to watch content for free. And since many are not drawing a paycheck at the moment, anything that is free is of special interest.

Now we must keep in mind that just because XDA found this hidden code, it doesn’t mean that what it implies is a sure thing. But it certainly would be good for consumers if a server-side update adds a free ad-supported list of titles to Google Play Movies & TV.

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