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Horizon Zero Dawn on PC is the dumbest thing Sony has ever done

Horizon Zero Dawn – coming soon to PC (pic: Sony)

A reader takes a dim view of Sony’s decision to release its exclusive games on PC and thinks they’ll come to regret it.

So it’s true, after all the rumours Sony really is starting to release its games on PC. Technically they’ve only announced Horizon Zero Dawn but clearly it doesn’t make sense to do only that and I’m sure the rumours about The Last Of Us Part 2 will be borne out and probably most other PlayStation exclusives too. This, I think, is a terrible idea.

I should first emphasise I am not angry about this. I’m not one of the crazed fans that caused one of the ex-devs to ask, ‘What the hell is wrong with you people?’ But assuming they’re not just trolling (which they clearly are in the video in the tweet) I do understand what they’re upset about. Releasing PlayStation exclusives on PC will signal the beginning of the end for the PlayStation line.

The reason I’m not angry about this is because I own a gaming PC and I don’t care what format I play games on. If I can play them all on one console then all the better, as that means a considerable amount of money saved and more to spend on PC upgrades. The reason I think the decision is stupid is because I’m assuming Sony don’t want their console business to crash and burn – and nor do people who can’t afford a gaming PC.

The only possible benefit from Sony’s point of view is that they’ll sell more PC games, but while that’s true we’re talking about a pointlessly small number here. Anyone with a PC powerful enough to run high-end games is already going to be pretty heavily into their games, or they wouldn’t have spent all that money in the first place. So the chances of them not already having a PlayStation 4 become vanishingly small – all they’d be doing is buying the games on PC instead of console.

Sony gains virtually nothing while at the same time proving to everyone that, actually, a console isn’t necessary at all (especially since Xbox exclusives are already on PC) and they’d be better off spending money on a gaming PC and taking advantage of its cheaper software prices and things like mods that aren’t available on consoles.

I’ve seen no counter to this argument except vague accusations of fearmongering from those who think this won’t have an effect on hardware sales. I think they’re very definitely wrong and Sony will end up regretting the whole decision.

The only way it doesn’t become an issue for them is if the transition to streaming is quick enough that the concept of hardware in general becomes obsolete, but I think it’s pretty clear we’re not there yet. If we were then Google Stadia would already be the biggest video game format around.

Like I say, I really don’t care. Apart from a vague nostalgia for the PlayStation name it doesn’t make any difference to me. But I think those making light of the decision haven’t considered its ramifications. When The Last Of Us Part 2, or some other future game, is available day one on both PlayStation and PC, and you own both the console and a good PC which format would you buy the game on?

Once enough people realise that the PC is the superior (and in the long term, cheaper) option they’ll also realise that there’s no need for the PlayStation anymore.

By reader Top Cat

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