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How to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine: stream every season online anywhere

Few sitcoms have captured the imagination of viewers in the way that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has. Now in its seventh season, the show is perfect to binge if you’re struggling for inspiration while self-isolating. Here’s how to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online – stream season 7 and every other hilarious episode no matter you are in the world with this guide. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 cheat sheet

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 premiered on February 6, 2020 in the US, where it’s hosted by NBC. The season finale is currently scheduled for April 2 in America, but fans of the show once famously dumped by FOX need not fear – an eighth season has already been commissioned. While it’s currently on NBC, seasons 1-6 can be easily streamed on Hulu in the US and the show is also offered on-demand by Netflix in a number of countries.

The show first hit screens back in 2013, while Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 premiered on February 6 this year. It’s been a huge hit since its inception; in fact, there was such an outcry after FOX cancelled the show after it fifth season that NBC snapped up the rights to Brooklyn Nine-Nine…the very next day.

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