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How to watch Devs: stream the latest episodes from anywhere

Devs is the latest FX limited miniseries that’s got everyone talking. The series follows the story of computer engineer Lily Chan who believes her employer Amaya has something to do with the disappearance of her boyfriend and co-worker, Sergei.

Ready to watch the story unfold? We’re here to tell you how to watch Devs online from pretty much anywhere in the world. 

Devs cheat sheet

Devs is an eight episode miniseries first released in the US, where it airs weekly on Hulu on Thursdays on Hulu. Devs is one of the first of a handful of Hulu exclusives that form part of the new FX on Hulu initiative. Future shows that will stream exclusively on Hulu include Mrs. America, starring Cate Blanchett, and The Old Man with Jeff Bridges.

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