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How to watch Star Trek: Picard season finale online from anywhere

Jean-Luc Picard, former Captain of the USS-Enterprise made a long awaited return to our screens in 2020 for new Star Trek episodes filled with thrills, mystery and action. But now it’s time to say goodbye again, with the season finale. Ready to engage with Star Trek: Picard one last time? Keep reading to find out how to watch Star Trek: Picard finale online from anywhere.

Watch Star Trek: Picard online: when and where?

Log into CBS Access on Thursday, March 26 at 12.01am PT / 3am ET to watch the finale of Picard’s first season back.

Alex Kurtzman, the executive producer, promised us a more “contemplative show” with a “real-world look” and so far he has delivered. The characters have been much more complex and had a lot more depth than seen in some previously Star Trek incarnations. 

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