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Huawei is working toward self-sufficiency and is reducing its dependence on US tech

Huawei has been on edge with the US government for the past couple of years, enduring trade bans and blacklists over the allegation of espionage. Now, Digitimes has brought to our attention that Huawei has been working on developing its in-house chip manufacturing and design in order to rely on itself, rather than on US technology, for future projects. Huawei is working towards independence in its core technologies, and this could be a challenge for a lot of Taiwan-based firms in its supply chain, report industry sources. Some of those Taiwan-based companies, especially suppliers of peripheral chips, will, however, still be able to receive orders from Huawei for technologies such as display driver chips, sensors, wireless transmission chips and analog chips, because Huawei’s efforts are focused on core products for now.

As a result of an improvement in its research and development system, Huawei has now made its own processors and AI chips, and is looking into rolling out its wired and wireless connectivity chips in the second quarter of 2020.

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