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Is Spectrum down? Outage hits internet and TV users

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If you’re a Spectrum subscriber trying to browse the ‘net or watch TV, you might be asking yourself right about now: is Spectrum down?

Users across the United States are reporting Spectrum outages for both the internet and television. Down Detector has been recently flooded with complaints related to the company, which pretty much answers the “is Spectrum down” question for now.

There’s no telling what the problem is or how long it will last, but for Spectrum to go down during a time when many people are stuck at home in self-isolation from the coronavirus pandemic, now is probably the worst time for an outage.

If you’re a Spectrum user, let us know: is Spectrum down for you, too? Sound off in the comments.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something to do, we suggest checking out our roundup of geeky activities you can get started with while you’re trapped at home.

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