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Looking for an excellent fibre broadband deal? NowTV has just that with TV passes

Now TV may not be known for being one of the cheapest broadband providers or streaming services, but with it’s latest deal, it has got two of the cheapest broadband and TV deals around.

The provider has currently got on offer two Fab fibre plans, with them as well as getting broadband with speeds averaging 36Mb, you can also get a Now TV Entertainment pass, or if movies are more your thing a Sky Cinema pass.

Both passes have 33% off and provide excellent entertainment, you just choose whether you’re trying to find the next box set to binge watch, or if you’re searching for the next best film to get stuck into. Without a doubt, these are some of the best Now TV deals going.

And although 36Mb is just barely considered fibre broadband, it’s still excellent for streaming, gaming or if you find yourself working from home. Or if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, why not check out our best fibre broadband deals guide.

Need more information? Check out these awesome fibre broadband deals below.

Now TV’s fibre broadband deal: 

Now TV Fab fibre with Entertainment pass | 12 months | Avg speeds 36Mb | Line rental incl. | £5 delivery fee | £30.99pm
Our hats go off to Now TV, with this deal you’re getting incredible cheap fibre broadband and an entertainment pass for under £31! Just to give you a sneak peak, the entertainment pass gives you access to over 300 box sets and some of the best TV channels which  includes series such as Chernobyl, Tin Star, Catherine The Great and many more!View Deal

Now TV Fab fibre with Sky Cinema pass | 12 months | Avg speeds 36Mb | Line rental incl. | £5 delivery fee | £30.99pm
Looking for the best movie rather than series? With a new premiere added every day to the Sky Cinema library, we dare you to run out of films to watch. Just to give you a taste of what’s already in store, right now you could watch: Mary Poppins, Hot Air, The Lion King, Godzilla, Aladdin and much more!
View Deal

What other broadband deals are there?

If Now TV’s fibre broadband deals aren’t exactly what you were looking for, don’t panic there are plenty of other excellent deals right now from some awesome providers.

Money the concern? Why not check out the UK’s cheapest broadband plan, courtesy of The Post Office offering broadband  for just £15.90.

Or if you want faster speeds, Vodafone’s Superfast 2 is just £23.95 a month and gets you average download speeds of 63Mb – perfect for busier households! And if you’re an existing Vodafone customer, you’ll pay £2 a month less.

Maybe a freebie is just the incentive you need to sign up to a broadband plan? With BT’s Superfast Fibre plan and you’ll be paying £28.99 a month for speeds averaging 50Mb and you get a pretty sweet £80 reward card!

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