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Master machine learning with MATLAB and Simulink

MATLAB and Simulink training

Machine learning is the future, but it can be tricky to get your head around. There’s so much more to it than just training robots to take over the world. Actually, it can become a lucrative career with the right skills and training.

The Essential MATLAB and Simulink Certification Training Bundle can have you mastering it immediately. We’re spotlighting it today because there’s a massive price drop on the training right now.

The beginner-friendly learning kit includes 25 total hours of machine learning content for you to explore. You can learn how to implement algorithms in MATLAB and dive into AI. If you’ve ever wondered how Siri recognizes your voice, it all comes back to some MATLAB classifications.

Use MATLAB to overcome Excel shortcomings.

Many of us know Excel at least to some extent, but it’s also important to know that Excel can’t do it all. You can learn how to combine the strengths of Excel with the capabilities of MATLAB to amplify your data analysis. Once you’ve built up the basics you can also work your way through ten hands-on projects.

This learning kit may have a MATLAB focus, but the most exciting module combines those skills with Simulink. You can actually simulate a Tesla Model S and create a PID controller to practice the physics and math behind electric cars. While you may not be Elon Musk, you can certainly feel like one of his engineers with this module.

The Essential MATLAB and Simulink Certification Training Bundle

MATLAB and Simulink training at a glance:

The five modules in the Essential MATLAB and Simulink Certification Training Bundle have a total retail value of nearly $550 but you can grab them right now for just $35. There’s no better time to start learning for a future-focused career.

This deal might disappear soon, but machine learning is here to stay. Learn more via the widget below.

The Essential MATLAB & Simulink Certification Training Bundle Buy it Now

Save $514 .96 $35 .00

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